Why losing teeth

There are way too many factors when a tooth comes out like that.

Implants are the best choice provided your dentist agrees you are an excellent candidate.

Implants take a very through evaluation by a certified specialist, not all dentist place them. Dental Insurance might not cover them either.

Then you need a crown or bridge.

So we’re talking thousands of dollars.

There is periodontal disease, which in that case teeth have mobility or extreme mobility and that is when patients are in dire need of a good oral evaluation with x-rays as well.

It takes time for teeth to get mobile, when we are young our gums are in excellent condition, but in the long run if there is no good oral hygiene, it is a road of pain and suffering.

Dentistry has become very patient friendly.

In the office doctors make sure our patients are aware of how to take care of their oral hygiene, we make sure they have all their questions answered, before they leave our office, regardless if it’s about insurance or dental questions about their mouth.

There’s always a broken tooth from opening “bottle tops” like beers or soda pops back in the day, it’s a shame beautiful teeth get cracked and broken.

Or sometimes there might be a thin fracture line, you cannot see with an x-ray or visually, but the dentist have tools that will instantly let him or her know there is a fracture, because when you bite down, it might hurt where the cusp is fractured, then that’s when you might be eating pizza or you bite something hard and then there goes a piece of the tooth.