The most Tasty Fast Food Items

The most tasty fast food items which thrill the senses depend upon the individual, although there are firm favorites which stand head and shoulder above the rest. Fast food caters for an instant craving to be fulfilled and although many fail to give much sustenance long term, they still tickle the taste buds and act as a temptation to those who have a moment’s craving. Worldwide, the fast food industry differs considerably and that which may sate the temptation of some in one country, certainly other countries will have their own preferences. For the sake of this article, the fast food covered comes from all around the world, stepping into other people’s comfort levels to see what the most tasty items are geographically.

Starting with the United Kingdom, the most tasty fast food is fresh fish and chips. A traditional food with fish which is cooked in a batter, the food used to be served up on a piece of protective paper, and wrapped neatly and warmly in newspaper. It’s a food which is considered the most popular delicious treat in most parts of the United Kingdom. Savor the crispy coating on the fresh fish. Taste the white fish melt in your mouth, and top it off with great chips (otherwise known as French fries). The taste is accentuated by salt and vinegar without which it really doesn’t taste as good.

Regional delicacies in the fast food market do exist. For example, in the Devon region of the United Kingdom, pasties are a traditional treat to tempt the taste-buds. The origin of this meat and vegetable dish wrapped in pastry is that pasties were made for workers who went down the tin mines. Wives ever conscious that their husbands had no comforts within the mines made one half of the pasty with meat and vegetables, and the dessert half of the pasty with apples, all within one pie. Pasties are delicious and although many companies have tried to imitate the pasty in a mass produced way, Ivor Dewdney pasties are the best in the South West of England and even thinking of them has this writer in a whirl of nostalgia and licking of lips.

Fast food across the channel in France takes the form of Crepes. These are made both from wheat flour and from white flour, one being for desserts and one for savory dishes. A strong favorite fast food, this is served freshly cooked from a huge round crepe hotplate and is eaten in restaurants and fast food outlets all over the country. The savory crepes are served up with lashings of butter, and are filled with cheeses of the region and ham. The dessert style crepes are the ones which tickle the taste-buds and tempt all ages to partake in something with a real feel good factor, served up with bananas, or chocolate sauce and chantilly cream.

Down through Spain, nothing tempts the hungry soul like an Ensaimada, which is a sweet meat fast food available in all bakeries first thing in the mornings, freshly baked to be served for breakfast. These deliciously light cakes are so famed that they have been packaged for people to take home as souvenirs, although nothing beats the taste and smell of the freshly baked treat. For more standard fast food in the deliciously tempting stakes, one only has to look as far as a tappas bar. Tappas are small snacks served on the bar of many taverns and cafes. These can be fish such as whitebait, fresh kidneys in sauce, calamares, and delicious offerings special to the particular region. Eaten casually with a drink, the Spanish consume masses of tappas and love these as their own staple fast food dish.

Russia has caught on to western ways, and to replace the caviar people associate with Russia, the McDonalds outlets have taken off big time, favorites among Russians being the hamburger. Peppered up with mustard and served in a bun, these are popular not only with the young, but with the old alike. Replacing more traditional fast food, McDonalds in Moscow is gaining popularity in the fast food market, and particularly the McFlurry dessert. Even in temperatures which reach sub zero, the Russians have a soft spot for ice cream, and the McFlurry is selling like hot cakes.

In China, it’s quite strange. While there are many street vendors selling local dishes as fast food, strangely enough the Chinese are now turning to KFC chicken nuggets as one of their favorite fast foods. Popular all over the world, this is particularly interesting in a country whose cuisine is so different from other countries. Chicken nuggets produced by KFC are the strong favorites, and deliciously presented, the Chinese are finding they appeal to their tastes.

In the US, the firm favorites are items such as burgers, fries and hot dogs, though here, what makes the item tasty isn’t the actual meat itself. It’s the trimmings. Trimmings of sauces, extra onions, and chutneys are making these much more interesting in taste. The variety available is enormous in fast food outlets all over the country, and once a favorite outlet is found, this usually dictates personal favorites.

On a sweeter note, the best of the best in fast food has to be Dunkin’ Donuts. These deliciously tasty and varied treats really do tempt, and boxes of donuts with different toppings makes them a treat to share. Produced in the store, fresh donuts really do take a lot of beating. They are fattening. They are indulgent, and at the end of the day, how we measure the best is by looking at what is available and singling out those first items which come to mind. Dunkin’ Donuts tend to come up trumps as a strong favorite fast food. Eaten as a sugar boost or simply with coffee, they fill that empty spot, which is the idea of fast food, but they do more than that. They leave the eater with a wonderful after-taste of sugar and topping that has the feel good factor in oodles.

Fast food does what it purports to. It’s the lazy man’s way of sating an appetite which wants instant gratification. The variety worldwide is enormously varied, though the one thing all have in common is the convenience and taste. People love them, and with tastes like those described above, who can blame them? From chicken to beef, crepes to McFlurry desserts, fast foods worthy of mention are those which bring the buyers back to get more. All of those varied tastes mentioned above do just that, and that’s what taste buds recognize as the best of the bunch.