Solutions For Menopause

At the age of the pre-menopause and menopause, alternative medicine offer effective solutions.

What is menopause?
Menopause, the first sign of declining femininity? Of course not!

The plant phyto-estrogenic
Because of their structural similarity with estrogen, phytoestrogens have been the subject of great scientific interest. Numerous clinical trials evaluating the effectiveness of soy isoflavones on climacteric disorders have been conducted and have shown for the most effective on hot flashes.

The plant phyto-progestin
Some plants have plant-progestin progestin activity “similar” to that of progesterone.

Plants remineralizing
If a woman in 3 is at risk of fracture, osteoporosis is not inevitable. It must maintain its bone stock, paying attention to his diet, avoiding smoking, excessive consumption of alcohol and not forgetting to do sports. It can also be consolidated with the help of herbal medicine.

The plants sedative
The insomnia of the pre-menopause and menopause are attributed to hormonal imbalance and its effects are more unpleasant hot flashes. Herbal medicines can be of great help in combining plant phyto-estrogens and those targeted especially to sleep.