Payoff & Well Deserved Success Online

After years of research and false starts, I have refocused my attention and energies on just two of my websites for selling information products online. I believe strongly in the power of the internet to improve fortunes, and see no good reason why I can’t finally start getting my piece of the pie. I am starting to put things together “properly” in my marketing efforts, and predict that my expensive advertising campaign will pay off…as soon as it starts, which seems to be over a week late. I have lots of hope (and also desperation, because of the local economy & being laid off), so “things have to get better soon”!

To try to be more specific, I see myself earning a decent living from my online efforts, up to $50000 a year for starters, then double that within 12 months.

Other intentions I have had success with so far (after reading The Attractor Factor, which got me started on intentions) are quitting smoking–no cigs for at least 4 months now!) and being a better gardener ?

So things just have to get better! I’m strangely optimistic, defying reason & logic!

Supporting Actions:

I paid for a huge advertising campaign, have redesigned my website so it’s more visitor and sales friendly, & am expanding my follow up newsletter to stay in contact with subscribers longer.

I am making this intention because I have put over 2 years into internet marketing without any real success or profit, & because I was laid off from bartending & after doing that for 9 years want something better for myself. Also, fulfilling this intention will relieve some pressure from empty rental apartments 7 lack of rental income. I believe I deserve to succeed, & that I’m a late bloomer as far as success goes, but that I can & will succeed, be proud of my accomplishments, & be able to “make a living online”.

I went to your website. Internet Marketing info products is a very competitive market as I am sure you know.

A little advice for what it is worth. Make sure your ad campaigns are taking people straight to a specific product page and not to your main page that shows all of the products you sell.

This does 2 things. It creates less confusion with potential buyers. And it will drastically increase your Google quality score for your Adwords (provided your Adwords wording and the keywords your are targeting match the product.)

Another thing is change the title of your specific pages to match your keywords and the Adwords ad, instead of the URL for the page. This will also greatly improve your Google quality score.

And as you know, the higher your quality score the less money you need to spend to get a good position with your AdWords.