Corned Beef Deli Sandwich

Growing up, I have always had and loved corned beef sandwiches. My mother would make me one when I was younger, but she never made it as well as when I made my own. The latest gadgets and technology really does help to make a great corned beef sandwich that is to die for. It’s

The Benefits of Pizza Hut Gift Cards

Pepperoni. Supreme. Green Peppers. Taco. Canadian Bacon. Mushrooms. It doesn’t matter what your favorite toppings are, with a gift card from Pizza Hut all of these things and many others will be available. Picking out your favorite won’t cost you a thing. Good meals are getting more expensive every day. With a gift card in

Attraction Fast Food Obesity

What is the big attraction to fast food? Isn’t it obvious? How else can you get a delicious and cheap meal in under 4 minutes. No one (especially in America) wants to wait for anything and food is no exception. The only down side to fast food is that it is unhealthy for you but

Civil War Recipe Green Corn Pudding

A recipe from the 1860s is as much a vocabulary lesson as it is a nostalgic side dish of deliciousness.  Many modern versions of corn pudding exist today, and yet perhaps the most fanciest part of Green Pudding is its name.  Although the words ‘green pudding’ tend to make one reminisce of Dr. Seuss’ popular

Are Subway Foods as Good as the Advertising

Does Subway’s food live up to their advertising? In some ways the answer is yes, but in other ways, no. Sorry if that does not definitively answer the question with more than a definite maybe. That answer lies with individuals eating there. However, for myself, while the flavors are good the proportions are not, if

Recipes Hotdog Delicious

Of all the activities my Mom had to do when she kept house, cooking was not her favorite. Now with that in mind, I wouldn’t dare call her an inspired chef. At the same time, she did well with the recipes she followed. God help me if I wanted one of her recipes. She always

Christmas Cake Valentine Cake Cranberries Sauce Currant Jelly Buttermilk Buscuit Mix

At Christmas time, in addition to making cookies by the dozens to distribute to friends, family, and also to have at home, you might want to add a Christmas cake to your repertoire.  I wager that most families have a favorite Christmas cake recipe.  I am going to tell you about mine which is called

Why you should Learn to Cook

Learning to cook is an ability that no one should be without, especially if one wants to be able to eat. It is a skill that sticks with you for a lifetime. It’s a basic survival skill not only for single people living in the city, but college students and even soldiers in the middle


This is an easy recipe to make and this New England chowder has a surprising taste and creamy texture. You’ll enjoy this sweet and chunky potato crab chowder. With only about 250 calories in each serving and about 7 grams of fat it makes a nice hearty meal. It serves six people. You will need

Food Safety Tips for Summer Picnics

The sizzling days of summer are within our midst. And, when it’s summertime, we tend to become a little carefree and relaxed. After all, that’s when loved ones gather to enjoy the various summer picnics and barbecues. Unfortunately, during the warmer months that’s when many cases of food contamination and poisoning occur. And, majority of