How To Treat Bacterial Vaginosis

Approximately 33% of women experience Bacterial vaginosis or vaginitis at some point of their life. The cause of BV is bacterial infection.A bacterial named gardnerella vaginalis causes this vaginosis. Are you wondering how to cure bacterial vaginosis? This is a simple condition and can be treated by antibiotics.Usually the bacterial is present in female genitalia and when it starts to reproduce rapidly, there is incidence of bacterial vaginosis including the condition of blue waffle disease in women. We shall discuss here how to treat or cure this condition, but it is also necessary to know what are the symptoms of BV. Vaginosis may be caused by bacteria, fungus or parasites. However, this type of bacterial infection is common in women who regularly indulge in sex .This bacteria does not infect men because of sexual intercourse. Hence men do not have to worry about getting this disease from women if the woman is carrying this bacteria. However due to common incidence of this condition, women should be aware about this condition and should resort to treatment to get relief from this diseases. Though there are many causes of the disease, sometimes it may be idiopathic. Bacterial vaginosis may be due to having sex without condom. This may also happen if the woman likes to use lots of perfumed soap. This may happen if the woman is using any intrauterine device or douching the vagina. At different phases of the menstrual cycle the pH of the vagina is different. This regulates the growth of the bacteria inside the vagina.

1. Once it has been observed that there is a grayish discharge from the vagina, the same has to be reported to doctor ( The discharge may have a fishy smell, the smell is worst after periods and after having sex)

2. The doctor would examine the genitalia and collect a sample with a cotton bud

3. This sample would be sent to the laboratory for the confirmatory test

4. Once the exact cause of the vaginosis is confirmed, if it is vaginosis , then antibiotics are to be administered, but with the prescription of the doctor.

5. However if the woman is pregnant or planning to to be, then she should inform this to the doctor before antibiotic therapy is planned.

6. Keeping hygiene of genitalia proper is expected and that helps.

This is a common condition, so one should not worry much about the condition, This can be easily treated.