Fast Food value Quality Fast Service Good Food Burgers Fries and Shakes

Rev up your engines fast food connoisseurs. Are you always on the run? No time to stop and grab a quick snack or lunch? Is your budget tight but you demand quality? There is an answer and that is Checkers/ Rallies.

In the late 1980s several businessman created a concept in Mobile, Alabama. They wanted to open a dual drive in restaurant that offered great food at a reasonable price and delivered quickly to the consumer. This concept was not entirely a new one but they took it to the next level. Checkers grew quickly in Mobile and took hold in the Florida Market and soon leaped all over the mid to southern regions of the United States. 

Checkers is known for its signature burger the Champ but since then has expanded with The Big Buford a double meat burger fully dressed with the freshest products and a taste that cannot be copied by any other. With the addition of their vast value Menu starting with the Dollar value and moving up to the Two-For-Three dollar items and Four dollar items and Two-For-Five dollar burgers. They have taken fast food to the next level with Value and quality always on Top.

After building Checkers to a major competitor in Fast Food Restaurants the company acquired Rallies which was very similar to Checkers but they needed the edge that only Checkers had to help them grow so they merged and became the largest Double-Drive-Through chain in America as well as forcing a few others to go down and away.

Now with a menu that includes awesome wings to fountain favorites, Checkers is a place for the whole family. You can eat more for less with their one of a kind Dollar promotions and deals.

Checkers is known for their spicy Fries and there hand seasoned beef patties on a flat grill. As well as the best spicy chicken and fish sandwiches around. Did the wings ever get discussed? They are to die for. You cannot find wings as good as these wings anywhere, and they used to be just a burger joint.

The food is great, the prices are great and the quality is impeccable and that is why Checkers is moving to the forefront of the fast food industry. They may not surpass the Big Boys like the Arches and The Royalty who make Flamed Broiled products and spend tons of advertising dollars on toys and games. Yet they are building a reputation because they still know what the customer wants and they deliver.

So get in your minivan Soccer moms and go get some burgers and fries and shakes for the team. When you pass the other places remember you will be supporting a Brand that still knows how to make good food.