Cloudy urine causes in men

Semen mixing with urine

Cloudy urine can occur in men by mixing between semen and urine when retrograde ejaculation, or due to the brown semen back to the bladder, that will be excreted at the next urination. However, this is very rare.

Prostatic fluid mixing with urine

Prostatic fluid is the secretion of prostate gland to contribute to the formation of semen.

In the early morning when the urination or defecation, you may see the white cloudy urine flowing out, which should be considered in two ways:

Prostatic fluid overflow.

Normally, always a certain amount of prostatic fluid, usually difficult to be found with naked eye, is expelled following the urine.

In young people, due to high androgen levels in vivo, the secretion of prostatic fluid is productive, thus to a regular prostatic congestion to expand the ducts. Furthermore, when urination, prostatic smooth muscles are subjected to normal passive contraction, that can easily cause the fluid overflow by squeezing. Especially at night, more to stimulate gland fluid secretion, so that it appears white cloudy in early morning urine. Or during defecation, the prostate’s fluid can also be squeezed into the urethra.

All above mentioned can be as a factor to promote formation of intermittent cloudy urine. In this case, when prostatic fluid containing fewer white blood cell, that does not mean an illness.