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For the ultimate chocolate lover, the coffee connoisseur, or simply the friend equipped with a sweet tooth, Christmas 2009 reserves several great gift ideas that will unwrap a smile like no other. Indeed, perhaps nothing may lure more than a luscious box of truffles, a tin of Danish cookies or a set of the trendiest gourmet coffee or tea collection.

Nothing really says Christmas more than edible gifts that will literally be ”candy for the eyes” for the fortunate receiver. Most food gifts indeed will come ”dressed up” in their flashiest clothing around Christmas time. Expect to see elegant chocolate boxes, colorful wraps, ribbons, artistic decorations, and much more. There is no such thing as a bland box around this time of the year.

Choosing the hottest food and gourmet gift ideas may be a challenge this year, not only because there is so much to choose from but also because the gift ideas may be so tempting that the giver may find himself or herself to be reluctant to give the gift away or worse, may end up buying one as well. Following are some of the trendiest and most tempting gourmet gift ideas for a lip smacking and mouth watery Christmas 2009.

-Box of Truffles

There are really not many people out there that can resist a box of truffles and wait for midnight to start popping some of these treasures in their mouths. For those really looking to impress, imported French truffles should be considered for that business gift, holiday party or for a chocoholic loved one. Expect to find elegant boxes, but do not worry too much of the exterior appearance, the contents will not last long!

– Grand Ghirardelli Gift Baskets

For those that cannot live without chocolate this gourmet basket is a real hit. Unless your friend is a poor soul that is allergic to chocolate you cannot go wrong with this scrumptious gift. The assortment of these premier chocolates is a winner featuring a variety of chocolates in different flavors, shapes and sizes along with the classic ad delicious hot cocoa to enjoy on a Christmas Eve while waiting for Santa!

-Jelly Belly Beans

This popular brand of jelly beans that has conquered the hearts and souls of both children and adults, dresses up in a special suit when Christmas is around the corner. Indeed, Jelly Belly features its famous Jelly Belly Christmas mix that has many asking for more. The mix includes the following favorite varieties: Very Cherry, Green Apple, Coconut, Candy Cane, Cream Soda, and Hawaiian Punch. Other best seller are Jelly Belly’s Reindeer Candy Corn in shades of white, red and green of course!

-Gourmet Coffees

Gone are the days when coffee drinks were all similar and was quite boring: today coffee has taken a big twist. Coffee indeed has become quite popular and trendy thanks to the creation of blends that are really a treat for the most sophisticated fans of the ”cup of joe”. Between cappuccino’s frapuccino’s and the highest quality mocha’s, the coffee connoisseur friend will surely enjoy a mix of their favorite Starbuck’s of Dunkin Donuts blends.


Thin popcorn is just for the movies? Think again! Popcorn just as coffee, is now available in different gourmet varieties turning this crunchy favorite into a great holiday gift. Some sets may include twelve or more varieties of corn such as Wisconsin White Birch, Savana Gold, High Mountain Midnight, Red River Valley and much more! These sets may turn quite into a culinary adventure!

– Miscellaneous Food Baskets

For the ultimate food lover that likes quite everything a mix and match of the best classical Christmas foods may do. There are quite some extensive assortments featuring both sweet and salty favorites. Expect to find well stocked eye appealing baskets displaying the best of the best: French chocolate truffles, Premium smoked salmon, caviar, Swiss Cheese, pretzels and much more.

As seen, Christmas 2009 will really cater to the taste buds of food lovers across the globe keeping up with even the most sophisticated palates. The choices can be really endless but when it comes to unwrapping a box of chocolates or a tin of cookies, the smile and joy that will derive will ultimately be of course the most genuine and sincere!

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