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Assessing Soft Drink Choices in American Restaurants

More Than One Choice.. Why do restaurants not pay attention to the needs or wants of consumers more? Case in point: Only one choice of diet drink for customers. How often do you go into a restaurant and have a choice of more than one diet soda or other diet drink (water excluded of course).

Characteristics of a Good Bartender

The beer is important. The pub is important. But most important of all is the Pub Landlord! In the world of bar tending, this surely is the highest form of the art! But why do so many British pub landlords get it wrong? The problem is that running a pub is seen by outsiders as

Choosing Sutainable Fish

As you consider what delicious piece of fish to buy for tonight’s dinner you probably don’t think that you might be eating an endangered species. Unfortunately many of the fish species still commonly available in supermarkets are seriously threatened.  As you probably don’t want to be eating an endangered animal that evening here are some

Albert Hotel Kirkwall

The Albert Hotel is located in the centre of Kirkwall, on Mounthoolie Lane. The main food area of the hotel is the lounge bar, and having visited the Bothy Bar (also part of the hotel) for a drink, we decided to try the lounge bar for food. We arrived at around 7pm on a Thursday

Christmas 2007 Gift Ideas for Cheese Lovers

We all remember the commercial where the family awakes to find the tree surrounded by glamorous, glitzy, large, dreamy gifts, and the innocent little girl claims that she left Santa Cheese in lieu of cookies. Hence, “Behold, the power of Cheese” became quite familiar to us. What makes us remember that? Ah, yes, we remember

Foods High In Folic Acid

What is folic acid? What does it do to our body? What are the foods rich in folate? It is important to know the kinds of vitamins vital for our body to function healthily. One of these vitamins is folic acid or Vitamin B9. Read on. Also known as Vitamin B9, Bc or folacin, it

Cake Recipes

Christmas Fruit Cake I am a Guyanese and we love to celebrate Christmas in grand style especially with food. So our foods are rich and this recipe has traditional roots but I have changed some things over the years to suit my family’s tastes. Ingredients 1lb of butter, granulated sugar, flour-sifted.Dark caramel, use 1-2lbs of

Cheese Souffle

I generously give you my priceless recipe for cooking a fabulous, impossible-to-fail cheese souffle. Here is a recipe given to me, a good many years ago, in France, by a dear friend whose kitchen was always an aromatic delight of wondrous cooking. I learned an immeasurable amount of skills in those years. My friend used