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Christmas Fruit Cake

I am a Guyanese and we love to celebrate Christmas in grand style especially with food. So our foods are rich and this recipe has traditional roots but I have changed some things over the years to suit my family’s tastes.


1lb of butter, granulated sugar, flour-sifted.
Dark caramel, use 1-2lbs of brown sugar
2-3 bottles of sherry wine (sweet wine)
Dried fruits 4ozs each of raisins(dark +light coloured)
mixed peel
Nuts 8ozs peanuts or walnuts or both
Lime rind, mixed essense
Eggs 12
Baking powder 1tsp
Baking soda half tsp


Fruits, this is usually prepared months ahead for best results but on numerous occasions I do same day. Grind 3/4 of fruits and nuts together using the wine as liquid until smooth. If done in advance then good place in jar cover with wine and and leave it cover jar keeping until baking day . Chop remainder nuts and prunes small do not grind these with remainder fruits will be added to give chunky texture.

Make Caramel before, days or hrs since must be cool. To do this place a thick pan/ pot on stove and put brown sugar in leave on high heat until the sugar has melted and darkened. Turn heatas is darkening since wil begin to smoke. the darker the better do not worry about bitterness. then slowly pour water to make it into a pouring consistency.Ideally you can use wine but be care ful with the alcoho causing fire so I suggest if new at this use water first until less hot then pour wine. Leave to cool. if gets sticky no worry just get it hot again and add liquid.

Cream butter and sugar until light and fluffy.

Add eggs one at a time mixing well also mixed essence and lime rind.

Add ground fruits and mix well then other friuts.Then add caramel for desired colour.

Sift flour baking powder and baking soda together and add to cake mixture folding in do not over mix

Place in two prepared -floured and lined 1lb cake pans

Bake in oven turned on at 350F 15 mins before bake for 1+half to 2 hrs until cake is firm since tester may not always be clean since cake is moist.

Keep in pan and pour wine on top of hot cake as soon as out of oven. leave over night in pan.
Then remove from pan in am and place on rack or turn it in pan- top at bottom now
pour wine again. this can be done for 2-3 days if have time. wine keeps cake moist.

I know this may seem like a long process but it is worth the effort I bake this every christmas and for my husband’s birthday and we love it. The amounts of this receipe will yield two lbs or more of cake so doubling this gives me the opporunity to give 3-4 half pound cakes to my friends for christmas as gifts.
Do enjoy.

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