Benefits of Isometric Exercises

There are quite a few benefits of using isometrics for exercising. This is true especially among people who are relatively inactive and are unable to get to a gym or individuals who are confined to an office space for long periods of time.

There is no equipment or weights needed to do isometrics because it is just performed by tensing targeted muscles or joint angles by pushing against an inanimate object such as a wall. Benefits from using isometric workouts include strengthening the targeted muscle along with helping to increase bone density and strength. One key factor to remember during this kind of exercise is to not keep the muscle tensed for too long at a time. It is recommended to hold the tension for approximately 30 seconds. It’s that short time period repeated several times that does the work. If this type of exercise is held for longer periods, it is could be detrimental to the muscle tissue.

Some uses for isometric exercising is in rehabilitation to help rebuild muscle tone after long periods of inactivity. When used for rehabilitation, isometrics are commonly used in conjunction with other types of exercises. Muscle tone and shape are also enhanced with isometrics, not to mention the burning off of excess fat in the body. If done correctly and effectively, it has at times improved digestion and has lowered cholesterol levels in some cases. Isometric exercises have also shown to be somewhat effective in helping ease the perception of pain in young adults, which is leading to the probability of also using this type to help the elderly manage on-going or chronic pain.