Attraction Fast Food Obesity

What is the big attraction to fast food? Isn’t it obvious? How else can you get a delicious and cheap meal in under 4 minutes. No one (especially in America) wants to wait for anything and food is no exception. The only down side to fast food is that it is unhealthy for you but when some child looks around and half of his classmates are as fat or fatter than he is healthy doesn’t seem to matter anymore.

The world is filled with impatient people who want everything right now and don’t care about the consequences for doing so. The signs are obvious in a world filled with credit cards and short term loans. Just this week I went to my bank to make a withdrawal and saw an ad for vacation loans. That has got to be one of the most disgusting things I had ever seen. Who in their right mind would borrow money just so they could leave work and stop making money. That individual just couldn’t wait any longer to try and save money better to just pay a little extra and do it now. This is the attitude that fast food preys upon and the reason it is so successful. With more women continuing to work after having children no one is home cooking up that roast for the family dinner. Instead mother just stops by here local fast food restaurant and picks up the family meal in no time at all. 

The speed and low cost of fast food greatly overpowers the minor down side of health. While there are some fast food restaurants now emerging as more healthier stops (subway) the consumers continue to push for faster, cheaper, and more convenient ways to find their next meal. As children and the rest of the world quickly put on more weight it seems that fast food is driving a disastrous cause, obesity. While fast food may be the reason that Americans are getting fatter it is still up the the people to choose where and when to eat. Your favorite restaurant may now be open until 2 am but that surely doesn’t mean that now you need to enjoy that midnight snack there. It is up to the people to push for more healthy options on the menu and possibly even turn to making a home cooked meal once in a while.

The consumers have the power over the product and therefore have the power over the problem of obesity.